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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> i want to thank harry, who is here, with the special ed department to make sure we got the dvd here and chief technology officer who provided the technical assistance to get this shown. so i don't know if the board has any questions or comments for heidi and/or artistic director, who is on hand. >> i would like to point out that that video was created by students in the media department . our school has so much talent. thank you for having me here and showing the video. as rachel norton said, we are a community-based class that focuses on life skills and getting students prepared for after public education and getting ready for adult programs. and we look for our students' passions and learn to foster those passions.
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this was an incredible example of finding a talent and fostering that talent. being a community-based program, we are lucky we get to find the san francisco master arts program. we are volunteering, working, learning life skills and visiting places, which was a fun place to visit all those mural. when we were learning about ruth asawa, i learned about her art and met her. and i got to share my students' letters with her and pictures of our process and art work and things we had been doing and it was a touching experience to have that. steven and joel are fabulous and i will be missing them this year. they are graduating and going to an adult program for adults with developmental disabilities where they will continue to make art.
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i'm thankful to my principal and susan for helping this become a reality. i have an amazing administration. the visual and performance arts department made it possible and i love projects because it promotes our students as artists and not just an individual with a disability which is so important inputting people first. it will be on the cover of "school time" in may, 2011, so we are excited. >> just so great to see the mural. when heidi unveiled it said it is wonderful and it is wonderful and reminds us of true diversity. thank you. >> i encourage everybody to go into the main hallway.
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the video is great but it doesn't do it justice. >> thanks for joining us this evening. president mendoza: item b is the student delegate report. >> last friday, we had our eighth annual youth summit called striving for success, even though i couldn't attend it was great. thank to one of the speakers, president mendoza, great work shops and great entertainment and thank president mendoza and commissioner fewer for having the work shops and speaking and participating. the youth commission came by at our last meeting to talk about possibly having a collaboration between the student advisory council and the youth commission to work on immigrant rights and issues going on in schools. also, there has been discussions
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over what we should be doing such as starting district-wide mentoring program and college career classes being a ninth grade requirement class and supplying high school students with high school and beyond counseling. so we are still working on possibly having those as true like ideas. and indecision, we have been doing outreach for applying for the free use lifeline bus pass. i'm not sure if middle schoolers get the opportunity to obtain this application, but for high school students, they can get this application at their high schools. and the deadline would be this saturday, march 26. president mendoza: thank you very much. and i thank you for an incredible summit and their
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advisor. it was pouring rain, but the kids showed up and great opportunities to go into the work shops and it's such a wonderful experience for our students. and we had some 200 students from all of the high schools represented. and it was a great experience and wonderful to see. i meant to wear my sweatshirt, but it didn't go with my dress. but i will wear it next time when i put jeans on first. item e, parent advisory council report. do we have p.a.c. members here this evening? >> community meeting at one of the middle schools. president mendoza: does anybody -- have anybody provide anything? so they have given the board members their report.
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item f is public comment on consent items and i have one speaker card. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen and members of the board. i'm the executive vice president of the united educators of san francisco. and this evening, one of the consent items concerns me now. i asked you to look at page 83 and 84 of your agenda. this has to do with a transfer of money for the new teacher project. and i know it's not going to be any new money but just moving money around from one funding source to another, but it really concerns me that san francisco unified school district is spending $258,000 on a head hunter essentially, when we are
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laying off teachers and paraprofessionals and cutting hours and spending $258,000. maybe it's not our money, but it's money. and we are spending it to get teachers. at the same time that we are laying off teachers. so there's nothing new about this, but it's on the agenda. you will have to approve a transfer of funds. it makes me quite angry to see this. i hope you have the same feeling when you look at it. i hope in the future, we will not be spending scares resources in this -- scarce resources in this manner. item g on the consent calendar. need a motion, a second. any items to be drawn or corrected by the superintendent? any items removed by first
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reading? any discussion or vote tonight. "roll call" on the vote will take place. item h, superintendent's proposals. and we have a few this evening. so i'll turn it right over to you deputy superintendent. >> i would like to call on the executive director mary richards to come up. >> as she's coming up, the first item is 112-22 sp 1r, authorization to grant or in the alternative deny the renewal petition for city arts and technology high school. already moved and seconded on february 22. commissioner norton -- >> i think she stepped out. president mendoza: somebody from the curriculum committee that can give us a report on -- ok.
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there is the curriculum committee. they just had the curriculum committee. i needed a quick report. >> the curriculum committee heard this at the monday, march 7 meeting. we had a good discussion about the petition ultimately forwarding it back to the board on a vote of two in favor, one opposed. the main issue the committee discussed and i think it's more of an issue of the board going forward when we talk about other charter schools is the whole idea of using an outside person for special education. we talked about the el dorado but they felt it wasn't an issue for this particular petition. president mendoza: i need a reading of the recommendations by mary richards.
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>> thank you, president mendoza. good evening, commissioners and deputy superintendent. my name is mary richards, executive director in the lead division with the focus on charter schools. with the indulgence of the board and i spoke commissioner fewer, i would like to present at this time -- we were going to merge the budget report with the final recommendation. so prior to the final recommendation and the amended language that i'm going to ask to be read into the record, i would like to present the findings for the budget portion of the petition. in front of you, i have the next three items on this agenda, so i have given you color-coded pacts. the first to packets. the first is for review in regards to the budget and financial section is the blue colored packet in front of you
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-- roorned your paperwork. i would like to open -- nancy is typically the staff reviewer that oversees all the petition reviews in the financial budget section. she is not here tonight, but i'm prepared to present her report. in our matrix for review, she found no may -- major deficiencies. one area needed clarification. and one comment around teacher salaries. as is customary, i responded back or gave the comments to the petitioner group and got sufficient responses in each of those areas. and if the board would like to further discuss the teacher salaries, i know i do have a representative, c.f.o. from vision schools, judy hill, here to represent any kind of
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discussion or statements. in regards to that. and i will give you for the record, the information that i received in regards to the financial audit -- i'm sorry. president mendoza: there's a lot of folks in this room and having a side conversation with your neighbor it starts to pick up and we can't hear the presentation, so if you would like to have a conversation, if you wouldn't mind stepping out or otherwise, keep your voice very low, because it carries and it's very difficult. >> in regards to the first portion of the matrix in the financial audit section, there was an insufficiency around the qualifications of the independent auditor and that was an insergs of additional language. as -- insergs of additional language. insertion of additional language. they submitted their qualifications are included on a
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certified public accountant's directory service for k-12 local agency audits. so they are registered to do this type of review. the second area that needed clarification was with regards to legal fees and it was -- there was an assumption that there was a budgeted amount underneath in their section -- in their support office fees and that was clarified and in fact, in that total amount, there is $20,000 set aside for legal fees. and as i said before, if there needs to be further dialogue between the board and the c.f.o. of the in vision schools based on their salary, their salary is commensurate with ours and looking at planning assumptions for years moving forward.
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so there are incremental raises that don't exactly match ours. and that is conclusion of my budget report, unless deputy superintendent lee who i know was also in conversation with nancy has anything to add and i'm getting a no and i don't think he needs to add anything. president mendoza: i have quite a few public speakers to speak on this item. so if i call your name, would you please step up to the mic. antonio, carina, marco, keiko, menrage, naream, sherry, matty,
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aaron, lisa. and that's it. >> president mendoza, i'm wondering because i have a feeling that the public comment is for the general petition renewal for the final vote, would it be appropriate for me to read the amended language of the resolution at this point? president mendoza: sure. it would be good to know what we're voting on. >> so your white packet, the cover and the second page of that is the amended language of the resolution that i'll read it into the record. superintendent's recommendation regarding city arts and technology high school, number 112-22 sp 1, authorization to grant the renewal petition for city arts and technology high school. whereas san francisco unified school district is a charter authorizer for city arts and
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technology high school which is set to expire on june 30, 2011 and whereas pursuant to the education code, the petitioner submitted on january 31, 2011, to the district, a charter renewal petition for the renewal of the charter school's petition, and, and i'm going to skip down to the bottom section, the edited sections, the district superintendent district staff completed the review of the renewal petition and issued a report and recommendation to the board of education regarding the review of the renewal petition on march 22, 2011. therefore, be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district shall grant the renewal petition subject to the requirements set forth by law. and the second sheet attached to that are the fact sheets that i sent to board members prior to this meeting. president mendoza: thank you. so, just for time sake, i have
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over 60 speakers and we have quite a few items. i'm going to ask that you come up for a minute and speak on behalf of c.a.t. and state your name and state your peace. >> i'm karina cast teea. before c.a.t., i struggled with poor grades. my school had large classes where i do not get much attention from the teachers and weren't pushing me as much. i eventually became uninterested in the work environment in fairfield, so when i moved to c.a.t. there was a whole different environment. there was block struggling and where we had longer classes and a lot of help from our peers and teachers. and the school is very
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community-based. we can get help fl anybody in the school including staff and peers. and the teachers, they understood us more and pushing us a lot more at c.a.t. these classes were also very small, so the teachers were able to get around to each student. and we had our advisories and economic seminars to help us out. we also have our project-based learning environment where each assignment that we have comes together to make a project and it pushes us to do our work more because every project is not complete without each assignment. and these projects lead into our exhibitions where we present our units to parents and family and friends.
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for example, revolution speech, where we have to choose a mexican leader in history. we have to research him and show the downfalls and positive aspects but convince the audience that he was a great leader in the mexico and get him into the revolutionary hall of fame. since i have been -- president mendoza: can i ask you to wrap up? >> i have gotten my grades up and became a leader. and i am where i want to be right now. in the future, i look at myself as being a u.c. and i will be opening a business. thank you. president mendoza: thank you. [applause] >> i'm a senior at city arts and tech. this year was my year to go
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through the college admissions process and without the help of the c.a.t. staff, my family and i wouldn't be able to get through the process successfully. they helped with the financial aid aspect and college applications and i have gotten into five of the schools. they helped me narrow down what schools i wanted to go to and so far, it has paid off with one college at the top of our list. without the college counselor, i wouldn't have heard of the college. it is a small school in oregon. and they help the students and have small class sizes and something i'm looking forward to in my future. something that prepared me for the college experience is the graduation portfolio, which every senior has to present their final semester at c.a.t.
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thr portfolio is made up of tasks that we do in every single class and present it to a panel and the point of this presentation is to prove to the panel that you are prepared to go to college. so that is just one thing that c.a.t. has done for me in my four years. president mendoza: thank you, and congratulations. [applause] >> good evening everyone. i'm representing my three kids from c.a.t. one is actually in c.a.t.. she has been in c.a.t. for all the school years. she learned a lot from c.a.t. especially, she was a shy student when she started c.a.t. and is in university and i really appreciate all the teacher support and the crouge and presentations and c.a.t. is
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very helpful. i love to have my students being in c.a.t. thank you so much. [applause] >> [speaking spanish] >> my son is a junior. he was a very shy student and
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thank you for the classes and the teachers. my son is doing better in the school. [speaking spanish] >> my son was at a high school in daly city and now in this san francisco school and i can see the difference. [speaking spanish] >> thank you to the teachers, to the principal and the counselors. he didn't want to finish school, but now he is focused and
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focused ongoing to a college. [speaking spanish] >> thanks for the support. he learned to focus and concentrate on what he was doing and being more academic oriented. and thank you to his staff. [speaking spanish] >> so i really support my teachers because they have supported me. and i would much appreciate it if all of you will give us a grant.
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[applause] president mendoza: could i get your name, please. >> margaret grand. >> good evening. i'm jessica files and second year learning specialist at city arts and tech high school. i support students who struggle academically and implement their education plan. i choose to work at c.a.t. because i'm inspired by a community of educators that is committed and willing to support students who sometimes struggle the most in a full inclusion environment. i meet with teachers weekly to discuss how best to support students. we do this by reaccommodations and modifications, lesson plans, i.e.p. goals. we have an open dial owing with
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students and work together to discuss what we can do to make them successful. i'm continually impressed by how teachers will dialogue, take feedback, modify a lesson, try a new strategy and work to improve their practice in order to ensure that the students succeed. we look at objectives. we look at what's needed for the course and do what we need in order to make it a good match for their learning style. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. my name is kay. my son is an 11th grader attending c.a.t. high school. i would like to share my personal views on what makes c.a.t. stand out from other schools, both public and independent. first of all, the school has a clear mission. sending every single student to college. regardless of any obstacles, social or academic.
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both students and their families are constantly reminded of this. i think this gives parents and students a common ground and common purpose in working together and provide the clear understanding as to what they should expect from their four-year c.a.t. high school experience. curriculum is zeroed on achieving this goal and many milestones are set with all information shared regularly with parents and families. lastly, but most importantly, this model is really working and you can see it in numbers. it's not just an inspirational message, it's a working model. please support this charter. the renewal is imperative to public high school education in san ci


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